My name is Azra Imamović

I am a mother of three beautiful children, I am a coach, a team facilitator, a researcher and above all, I am passionate about helping you achieve your vision.

My mission

In 2021, I decided to use the knowledge and skills I have gained in order to help others. I founded Nika Management Consulting, whose mission is to inspire your growth,  identify your hidden power and  empower your authentic voice and to support those that are growing.

About Me

I’ve held executive positions working for the international organizations for well over a decade in Poland and Hungary. I worked and lived in the United States, Turkey, Poland and Hungary.

Coach, Team facilitator and Researcher

Azra Imamović

I am a coach who is able to facilitate individuals and teams in unlocking their full potential in order to meaningfully align with workplace success and growth.


I received my Practitioner Coach Diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching in London, UK. I am an experienced professional who has led diverse and multinational teams from more than 15 countries. I conceptualized and put in practice new organizational structures and processes that has led to organizational change. I have experience in developing and delivering a series of training sessions and workshops for government officials and civil society organizations.

I am a team facilitator and a team builder. Throughout my career, I facilitated more than 20 team building sessions.

I am a researcher with outstanding skills – the war in 90s influenced me profoundly and made me question societal structures and wonder how can we ensure equality for all citizens. Through my research and professional work, I conducted desk reviews, theoretical analysis and focus groups. Areas of my interest include social change, human rights and non-discrimination and reconciliation. The questions that I explore are always centered around the needs or the agency of an individual so that our interventions, projects and end results can ensure that voices of all have been heard. If you are interested in my research, you can find links here.

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